• Ash Hughes


The last year has really challenged my photography commitment! My nursing commitments have grown hugely and being a bit of a perfectionist I really wanted to focus on giving the best care to my patients. This included a whole of range of different things but bottom line is it needed more time. For that reason I've slowed right down in my online life and to be honest it's been great! I no longer cared so much about 'likes' and numbers of followers and I feel like I'm coming back to it with a new passion. Not a passion for more followers but passionate about sharing what I love because I love it! So I'm revisiting some shoots from the last year and sharing them. Here are a few from our wonderful time in Connemara, Ireland last year with Andy's family. I loved the rugged terrain in this area. We stayed in a cottage we found on AirBnb which was secluded and surrounded by beautiful countryside. I've included all my close up shots of things I loved...I hope you can enjoy them as much as me!

And you can download a free image from below at Unsplash

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